Yacht entertainments

Нарды, карты и шахматы
  • SUP-board is an air paddleboard for swimming with a paddle
  • Diver propulsion vehicle (Seabob).
  • Riding on the rapid cutter.
  • Air mattresses.
  • Snorkeling and underwater swimming.
  • Water tube.
  • Backgammon, cards and chess.
Particular attention was paid to the construction of the yacht music. There are 28 loudspeakers and 4 subwoofers on the Melody. Guests of the yacht can play music from their device or listen to our music library, where there is a lot of good and diverse music. The karaoke machine is installed in the cabin of the yacht. There are thousands of songs in English and Russian. We have three super microphones. After all, singing together is more fun. Few yachts can boast of having a cool karaoke machine.